If you are a real estate professional responsible for environmental health and safety compliance, you understand the need to stay on top of compliance. You are likely juggling EHS training, regulatory compliance, accident reports and investigations, inspections, safety audits, and more.

And you likely don’t want to do just the bare minimum. You want a state-of-the-art EHS compliance program with a goal to improve each year. After all, a rigorous safety program will not only prevent worker injuries and illnesses and ensure regulatory compliance, but it can help to reduce your operating costs, legal costs, workers’ compensation, and insurance premiums.

Is your EHS program up to snuff? Needs improvement? Nonexistent? Refined Data Solutions can help.

So exactly what is EHS compliance?

When you think Environmental, Health, and Safety compliance or EHS compliance, you probably think of rules and regulations you need to follow to keep workers safe, avoid fines and prevent damage to the environment. An EHS professional might take it a step further and explain that EHS compliance means protecting our environment from harm and protecting our workers and the public from injury and by complying with laws, regulations, procedures, programs, and policies that are in place in the US and Canada.

A successful EHS Compliance program will reduce or prevent injuries and illnesses by providing workers with a safe work environment. It will also prevent or reduce the environmental impact on the surrounding communities by safely using and disposing of harmful substances.

Why do you need an EHS management program?

Real estate property management with investor making profit by increasing value and earning rental payment of housing.

Let’s face it… that’s a lot for one person to keep track of. Especially if that person has multiple job titles. Many people who oversee EHS are also responsible for human resources, workers’ compensation, and even operations. So, you must have a way to ensure you comply with all EHS rules and regulations, stay on top of training requirements, find and correct hazards in the workplace, submit permits on time, and keep workers safe. Companies with rigorous EHS programs have happier employees, higher productivity, better reputations in their communities, lower workers’ compensation and insurance costs, and overall lower operating costs. Need help with any or all of these responsibilities… read on!


Refined Data Solutions

Refined Data Solutions can assist with all of the following elements of your EHS program:


We can help to ensure you comply with all EHS regulations. And there are A LOT of them, right? From CCOHS to OSHA, from CEPA to US EPA. It is critical that your buildings remain compliant with all relevant regulatory requirements to protect workers as well as the environment.

Accidents and Incidents

All accidents must be reported and investigated promptly. Corrective actions should be put in place as soon as possible. And some of those accidents may require filing a claim with your insurance company as well as trying to get an injured employee back to work as soon as it is safe to do so. Proper management of injuries will prevent workers’ comp costs from getting out of control.

Daily Operations

A practical operation plan should integrate EHS into its daily operations. It will identify high-risk tasks and mitigate them in order to prevent an injury or potential damage to the environment. The Refined Data platform is a full-featured computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and information management solution for property managers. With our mobile app you can take pictures, upload them into reports to schedule actions as soon they are seen! The CMMS also helps keep all your documents in one place, creating easy actionable reporting and making audits a breeze.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Emergencies happen in the workplace. They can include fires, chemical spills, medical emergencies, weather emergencies, and more. It is critical that you have a plan in place that identifies what emergencies could happen in your buildings and what your response will be. Do your employees know how to evacuate a building? Do they know where to go once they are outside? Who is in charge? Your plan MUST be in place BEFORE an emergency happens, and it must be communicated to all employees.

Periodic Inspections

Periodic inspections and audits will help you maintain established procedures to minimize risk, maintain compliance, and ultimately protect workers. Audits will verify all necessary procedures are in place, accurate, and effective. Companies should also maintain comprehensive documentation of audits in case an OSHA or CCOHS inspector knocks on your door.

Energy Management and Sustainability

We can also help you to maintain energy use data which will help to identify key energy-saving areas. This not only benefits the environment but saves the company and building tenants money.

Refined Data Solutions works with their clients to help them not only meet EHS requirements but to go beyond compliance and ultimately save lives and the environment!

For a free demo or to hear more about Refined Data Solutions, visit us at http://refineddata.com/ or give us a call at +1 (877) 643-6439.

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