While governance underpins every strategically important business activity, the work required to verify and evidence regulatory and investor disclosures continues to grow in complexity.

Evolving regulations and increasingly complex ESG disclosure requirements now demand the same levels of rigour and governance required of financial disclosures, and they impact every site, every employee, every vendor and every business partner in one form or another.


Incomplete or inaccurate information has become a notable source of risk.

As explained in this article, directors and officers are now held personally liable for ESG disclosures that are inaccurate or fail to meet the scrutiny of regulatory audits.

And the incident at Deutsche Bank further highlights the potentially severe repercussions of greenwashing or errors and omissions.

With stakes as high as these, how can we more effectively monitor strategic commitments and verify that disclosures are supported by audit-grade evidence?

This we believe is the important question for directors and officers to consider.


While this growing ESG wave may seem daunting, the good news is that as an industry we already possess the tools and the expertise to be successful

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