Inspections Have Never Been This Easy

The Refined Data platform will save you time, money, and headaches when it’s time to inspect your properties.

Increase Efficiency, Simplify Reporting, and Ditch the Paperwork

Building inspections are necessary for both safety and compliance. But let’s face it, they’re a pain. They take time, incur costs, and produce mounds of paperwork and reports that you have to find later. We’ve got a better way.

We’ll help make your inspections fast, easy, organized, and completely paper free. On top of all of that, we’ll save you money and deliver the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every inspection is completed and standards are met.

Take a Photo. Add Notes. Drag & Drop. Report Done.

Simplify Compliance

No more searching through emails and files when it’s time for reporting. Inspection reports are generated by the assessor, then work orders and maintenance documents are automatically uploaded to the platform and categorized to save you time and effort.

One Person. One Device.
No Paper.

Our platform makes inspections easy and fast. Assessors can simply snap photos as they inspect buildings, plug in notes as they go, and then auto-generate reports. You’ll be in and out of the property faster and never have to sort through another binder of checklists and notes.

Never Miss an Inspection Deadline

When you’re managing a large portfolio, remembering when each building is up for required inspections can be difficult. The Refined Data dashboard lets you know about upcoming inspection dates for all of your properties, so you never miss a date.

Ensure Your Buildings are Safe

With automated checklists and shared SOPs via the platform, routine maintenance and work orders are a cinch. So when it comes time for an inspection, you know that everything is in working order and up to code.

Construction worker is using a pen to checking on checklist - Safety audit and inspection working action with blurred background of machinery. Selective focus at hand.

Increase Investor & Tenant Trust

With increased visibility delivered by the dashboard and a proactive approach to inspections, your board, investors, and tenants can rest easy that every property you own or manage is safe and up to code.

Want Faster, Easier Inspections?