EHS Compliance

EHS Compliance Management for Real Estate. Keep your portfolio onside.

Take The Headaches Out Of Compliance

Our platform is designed specifically to help you achieve compliance without the pain and paper.

Mitigate risk & eliminate penalties

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance is more than just a requirement for real estate companies. It’s ultimately about the health and safety of your workers, tenants, and the environment. Failure to remain compliant results in fines, legal fees, employee absences due to injury, and reputational damage. Our entire platform is designed to help you easily mitigate risk and achieve compliance in less time.

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Focus on what matters most

Property inspections, maintenance reports, incident response documentation, and other actions pile up paperwork and lead to seemingly endless spreadsheets. Well, not anymore. We deliver a paperless solution that increases safety, communication, organization, and consistency while eliminating the costs for noncompliance. You’ve got too much on your plate to constantly have to worry about compliance. Now, you don’t have to.

EHS Compliance Platform Elements

A Fully Integrated Platform to Simplify Compliance

Paperless Leads to Painless

Spreadsheets, paper reports, and file folders take time and result in lost information. Between properties, management partners, consultants, and staff, it’s easy for something to get lost in the shuffle. With Refined Data, you can ditch the paper and spreadsheets and have all of your data consolidated, organized, and easily shareable.

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Stay Compliant & Reduce Costs

By ensuring that every inspection gets done on time and each report is filed correctly, we help make your portfolio safer and increase compliance. That results in fewer injuries, less fines, and reduces the risk of reputational damage that can occur from an environmental incident.

More Communication. Less Complexity.

We connect your team so that everyone knows what to do and when actions need to be taken. Once a task is completed, all relevant parties are notified and reports are automatically filed. We also deliver quarterly updates specifically for the real estate industry that summarize relevant compliance changes and news.

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Boost Engagement & Consistency

Dispersed teams at multiple properties can lead to different levels of response and responsibility bottlenecks. With our solution, you can easily and automatically coordinate responses at all of your properties with best practices and SOPs shared to a connected team.

Automation & Organization to Reduce Time

By automating the tasks and filing needed for maintenance, inspections, and reporting, you significantly reduce the amount of administrative work needed to remain compliant. In the end, that means your team can focus on what matters most — growing your portfolio.

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Increase Transparency Via an Intelligent Dashboard

We reduce the need for disparate systems and deliver all of the relevant information for your portfolio to your dashboard. That includes the status of every action assigned at each property, who’s taking care of it, what’s coming around the corner, performance metrics, and much more.

Let Us Show You How Easy Compliance Can Be