Integrated Document Management

A centralized document management system you can integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.

Faster renewals. Better rates.

Refined Data’s document management tool was designed for insurance renewals, making the process painless, fast, and accurate every time.

Don’t Get Caught Without Coverage

Commercial real estate rates are rising rapidly and some carriers are now increasingly declining proposals and renewals. A major reason for this is the inability to accurately assess the environmental risks of properties. Thankfully, with proper, up-to-date documentation regarding the steps you’re taking to reduce environmental risks, you can retain coverage and get favorable rates. That’s what we’ll help you do.

We Help You Stay Up-To-Date, Accurate, and Organized

Maintaining all of the requisite documents for environmental insurance can be slow and painful, taking up time, personnel, and money. Between SharePoint, spreadsheets, and emails, documents and renewals can get lost in the shuffle. But with our document management solution, renewals are simple and straightforward.

Intelligent Organization

We automatically file and categorize your documents, so that you can track, manage, and find whatever you need at the touch of a button.

Real estate property management

Increased Efficiency & Accuracy

With automated document submission for renewals, you can rest assured that required documents are complete, up-to-date, and accurate.

Stay Up-To-Date with Dashboard Intelligence

The Refined Data dashboard lets you know about upcoming renewals for certificates, reports, and other documentation, so that you never fall behind.

Designed Specifically for Insurance Renewals

Get more control, insight, and accountability with a system designed specifically for insurance renewals and environmental risk. We integrate with SharePoint for continuity with your current systems.

Drive Preparation Costs Down

Preparing reports for renewals normally means allocating staff and hiring consultants. With automated document submission, you don’t need to hire in order to create proposals.

Faster Reporting. Quicker Renewals.

Organized documents means less preparation time on your end. Allowing insurers to quickly assess the environmental risk or your portfolio makes the renewal process faster.

Proactively Plan

With more insight into your portfolio and less time needed to create renewal documentation, you can proactively plan how to mitigate environmental risk in the future.

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Get the Best Renewal Rate Possible

Up-to-date documents demonstrate that you’re taking proactive steps to manage your environmental risks, which goes a long way towards securing a favorable insurance renewal.

Make Renewals Easier Today.