EHS Environmental Risks

Solve Environmental Risk with Refined Data

Communicate. Organize. Execute.

Qualified environmental risk managers have to produce historical reviews of problems identified, incidents, causes of issues, and actions taken. But too often, they’re left scrambling in reactive mode, exposing you to financial and legal peril. You need an information management platform to keep you organized, increase communication, and make sure that everything is done by the right person on time. We’ve got you covered.

Minimize Risk & Alleviate Stress

Qualified environmental risk managers and their departments face a tall task. The job is complex and requires legal, environmental, and regulatory knowledge. If the ball gets dropped, not only are companies liable for the damage, company directors are personally liable. With Refined Data, you can rest easy that you’re compliant and your risk is minimized.

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Increase organization & eliminate confusion

We automatically file and categorize consultant reports, administrative tasks, final environmental risk reports, and more. That means no more lost documents and redundancies. Our solution also integrates with SharePoint, so you can keep existing systems in place.

Dashboard Visibility to Keep You Up to Date

The Refined Data dashboard will keep you informed on everything happening in the portfolio. For environmental risk teams, that includes clarity on when reports are set to expire, and easy scheduling to create new reviews from any connected device.

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Enhance Communication & Coordination

Consultants and administrative staff provide information for a final review, but they’re often siloed, leading to communication breakdowns. We help you manage and record tasks, so that the entire team is on the same page and management knows who is in charge of each task.

Stay Connected with Notifications

Our notification engine informs you when anything important takes place. Risk management teams see when key documents are dropped into the repository, or new properties are added to the portfolio, so that they can begin assessments and reviews.

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Manage APECs Effectively

When APECS (areas of potential environmental concern) are identified, our interface will help you manage and record them. You can then easily assign tasks necessary to investigate and resolve issues via the platform, keeping your risk down and your compliance up.

Securely Share Anything with Stakeholders

Refined Data’s secure platform gives you peace of mind when sharing documents, reports, and assessments. You can easily export them to both internal and external shareholders to keep everyone informed about important portfolio information.

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