Healthy, Safe & Compliant Buildings

Protect the Health and Safety of tenants and employees in every building

Save time and money

Eliminate the cost of wasteful and unnecessary incidents and accidents at your properties using the Mobile App to ensure the site is free from hazards. Reduce workers’ compensation, eliminate the possibility of fines and ensure your vendors’ complete safety-related maintenance tasks using the mobile work order system.

Adopt Industry Standards

Implement and track any of the common health and safety standards, including:

  • ISO 18001
  • OSHA
  • Well Building Standard
  • Fitwel

Perform and document hazard assessment activities and house all your health and safety information in one place.

Protect Tenants & Employees

Ensure your facilities comply with applicable OHSA standards and are free of hazards. Simplify mandatory inspections of fire safety equipment as part of daily/weekly/monthly property inspections and document regular health checks on building equipment like elevators and boilers.