Building Operations

Real Estate Operations and Enterprise Risk, Safety and Compliance Management

Why Refined Data?

The Refined Data operations platform is a full-featured CMMS and information management solution for property managers and their service providers.

Full integration with our enterprise risk and compliance management software ensures that your EHS program is consistently executed across the entire portfolio, while providing a unique, real-time view of risk and safety throughout the portfolio.

We are uniquely focused on minimizing your downside and using our operations platform to deliver:

  1. Increased operational visibility.
  2. Distributed team coordination and accountability.
  3. Reduced administration.
  4. Reductions in operations costs.
  5. Improved operational consistency.
  6. Reduced onboarding time and cost for new hires.

Our Operations Solution

Work Orders
Prioritize and Manage Work Order Requests

Preventative Maintenance
Keep assets running and costs low

Health & Safety
Operate safe, compliant buildings

Audits, Assessments and Inspections
Standardize your site, building and unit inspections

Incident Management
Coordinated response to unexpected events

Document Management
Mobile access to documents and certificates

“Refined Data is giving us everything we need to see what is happening at the sites, where we need to apply resources and how to ensure everyone has what they need to get the job done.”

Urs Stockman, CapREIT