Refined Data has released a mobile app to extend it’s award winning EHS and Operations software platform into the hands of building managers, so their facilities are ready for business in the new COVID-19 era.

A modern, mobile solution for the current pandemic.

Refined Data announces the release of the RefinedData app, a mobile tool that frees building managers from the drudgery of paper forms and gives them the ability to deal with the key operational aspects of running a site from their phones. With economies restarting across the globe and new regulations or guidelines for reopening, making shopping malls, offices and manufacturing plants safe for people to come back to has become the latest battleground in the fight against COVID-19. To deal with the current crisis, the new RefinedData app incorporates the recently released BOMA Canada COVID-19 Return to Work checklist, so building managers can get their facilities in pristine shape for people coming back to work.

People are concerned about returning to work and they want to feel safe. Building managers must rise to the challenge of operating their properties safely in this COVID-19 era”, says Hugh Molyneux, a co-founder of Refined Data. “The RefinedData mobile app gives site teams a powerful tool to collaborate and keep their workplace safe.

The RefinedData mobile app is free for up to 5 properties and ten users per site. Also, an unlimited number of associated vendors can download and use the app at no cost.

BOMA : Pathway Back to Work

“When our partners at Refined Data asked us if they could incorporate the recommendations in our Pathway Back to Work: Commercial Real Estate, Coronavirus and Re-Entry guidebook into their app in a checklist format, we immediately agreed.” said Benjamin Shinewald, President and CEO of the Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada (BOMA Canada).  Shinewald added, “The fact that Refined Data is giving the app away for free speaks volumes about their values and drives incredible worth to the BOMA Canada community.” 

Caroline Reilly, Refined Data’s Client Support Manager, says, “Cleaning and hygiene have never been more important, and property managers must be able to respond quickly to ensure tenants feel safe at work.  It’s also imperative for businesses to show that they’ve been maintaining a regimen to keep the workplace safe. That helps to put tenants, employees and even members of the visiting public at ease.”

Connectivity across the entire Enterprise

Enterprise dashboards offer EHS and Operations management teams instant visibility of key site performance metrics.  These data insights measure preventative maintenance program effectiveness, service provider performance, operational costs, safety concerns, and more. Most importantly, the Refined Data mobile and enterprise offerings combine to deliver a data-enabled platform for continuous improvement.

“If you look at the market, there are enterprise solutions out there, but they are complex and difficult for building managers to use. At the other end of the scale current mobile apps don’t have the necessary analytics and backend reporting required to manage a portfolio of properties,” says Carl Paulse, CTO of Refined Data. “We couldn’t find a solution that felt complete, so we built the RefinedData mobile app:  a nimble productivity tool for sites that quietly feeds an enterprise-grade platform for large portfolios. We think the RefinedData mobile app is a generational leap forward in integrating real estate organizations across departments and across disciplines. We call this Boiler Room to Boardroom connectivity.

And The Future?

It will take bold thinking to reimagine real estate operations and prepare building managers for the demands of the next 20 years. We think the RefinedData mobile app backed by our enterprise real estate operations solution gives organizations the platform they need to meet these challenges. If you give the sites the flexible tools they need to get the job done and link the corporate users to the data and give them the powerful tools to look across the portfolio, we see people producing extraordinary results.

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Refined Data develops EHS, ESG and Insurance management software for the Commercial, Retail and Multifamily real estate sector. With more than 3,500 buildings representing more than a quarter billion square feet on the platform, Refined Data has delivered award-winning value to leading real estate companies for over a decade.   Please contact us to learn more.

About the Author: Hugh Molyneux

Hugh Molyneux is a founder and President of Refined Data, an award-winning developer of EHS and Operations Management Software for Real Estate. More than 3,500 buildings worldwide rely on Refined Data as their platform of choice to manage Environmental Risk, Health & Safety, Compliance and Site Operations.