A Robust Document Management System is one of the most important aspects of an EHS software solution.

Why is Document Management so Important?

Do you often feel like you’re buried under a mountain of reports, assessments, permits, and proposals? Most EHS teams manage vast quantities of paper. There are consulting reports (often multiple versions), permits, internal reports, site reports, insurance reports – the list goes on and on. In a highly regulated environment where accurate information is critical, a document management system is a lifesaver. A recent survey listed Document Management as one of the biggest challenges for EHS teams.

If you want to find the reports you need, when you need them, it’s important to store your documents in a management system that organizes the information intelligently. A document management system lets you track, manage, and store digital and scanned documents and retrieve them quickly using search terms like “Phase I site assessment” or “asbestos report” .

Three of the most important factors to consider when looking at a document management system are:

  • Is the system intuitive and easy to use?
  • Am I able to find documents quickly by date, site, report type and author?
  • Are my consultants and vendors able to upload reports securely and easily?

Our Document Management Solution

How does Refined Data’s platform solve these issues?

We have worked closely with our clients to simplify report collection, storage and organization. For example if you use a consultant or a vendor, it is important that they have the ability to submit their reports directly to your system. This ensures that the report gets filed to the correct property. No more lost files.

We automatically tag documents as they are submitted to the system so you can easily find the reports you are looking for, saving hours or days of time. You can also associate a report with any information in the system. This means you can link a Phase I site assessment simultaneously with your asbestos records, UST records or any hazardous materials located at the property, putting you in control of the paper trail…not the other way around.

How about bringing it all together?

We also worked with clients to build a solution that lets you quickly select which environmental reports are complete and which need to be prioritized before your next insurance renewal. This system includes an amazing document portal which lets you group sites and select report types that are packaged at the click of a button. As new reports arrive, we identify and package the ones that you need.

The flexibility of the document packaging portal isn’t limited to insurance renewals, it lets you quickly respond to requests for information from investors, consultants, tenants and other stakeholders in your business.

The Importance of Partnership

We’ve listened carefully to the day-to-day and long term frustrations from our real estate clients. With a platform that brings together EHS, Operations, legislative changes, site assessments, data collection and reporting. We’re breaking down the silos and streamlining the process.

Refined Data believe we can do things more efficiently and with less frustration than your current approach. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’d welcome a chance to speak to you and understand your needs better.

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