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Triovest Realty Advisors is at the forefront of innovation for implementing sustainability initiatives in commercial real estate. Triovest Realty Advisors has partnered with Refined Data to develop a scoring tool that models a building’s LEED EB:OM and BOMA BESt candidacy potential. This breakthrough in proactively addressing sustainability issues has the ability to save dollars across a portfolio. In September 2014 Philippe Bernier, Triovest’s Sustainability Director tested the software tool and established one of their buildings LEED certification level as being Gold. A LEED certification consultant later confirmed all the building’s status as Gold, validating the model created by Triovest in the Refined Data’s questionnaire tool.


“It is very exciting to build a software tool that allows industry leaders to create their own models to determine the performance and standards of the buildings they own or manage. While the software promotes new levels of performance management and accountability, the long-term goal is to engage property managers and tenants in implementing sustainable practices that improve both building quality as well as the natural environment.”

Hugh Molyneux, CEO Refined Data

Triovest is utilizing the software to set targets relative to baseline energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste data across a portfolio worth more than eight billion dollars.

A National Resource Canada Council study comprising 100 LEED-certified buildings showed on average that these buildings consume 18-39% less energy than similar conventional buildings. Given that energy costs comprise the majority of a buildings operating costs, these kinds of savings not only impact the environment but also creates a compelling business case.

Is it the tool or the people that are going to make the difference?

Although an infrastructure is being put in place to manage sustainability, Philippe Bernier also believes that community engagement and proactively integrating Refined Data’s tool into Triovest’s culture will have a profound impact on reducing waste and energy. Alerts and notifications on sustainability and environmental performance remind property managers on

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About the Author: Hugh Molyneux

Hugh Molyneux is a founder and President of Refined Data, an award-winning developer of EHS and Operations Management Software for Real Estate. More than 3,500 buildings worldwide rely on Refined Data as their platform of choice to manage Environmental Risk, Health & Safety, Compliance and Site Operations.