The Challenge

Triovest were looking for a cost-effective way to evaluate whether their existing buildings qualify as LEED Platinum, Gold or Silver status before going through the formal LEED Assessment and Certification Program.

Our Solution

Triovest used the Refined Data custom Survey Builder to develop an exceptionally versatile questionnaire. The survey assigned a score to a building based on the responses to questions Triovest developed after reviewing the LEED standards. The survey generated a final score for each building that allowed Triovest to determine if the building was LEED Platinum, Gold or Silver status. This saved in excess of $15,000 per building in consulting fees.

Specific Features

The Survey Builder allows you to assign a custom score to each question, based on the user response. You can even have multiple scores associated with a given question to assess different standards from the same questionnaire. The software supports the ability to show and hide questions on the fly based on the user’s response, so assessments are quick and easy to complete. The Survey Builder also comes with a dashboard system to allow you to track sites that have completed their assessments and who needs a gentle reminder!

Business Benefits

The questionnaires were validated by LEED consultants and found to be 100% accurate, saving Triovest in excess of $15,000 per building.

Use Cases

The use cases for the Survey Builder are unlimited. From simple polls to tenant surveys to dynamic assessments that configure themselves based on property type; the possibilities are endless.