The Challenge

RioCan, Canada’s largest Retail REITs, was looking for a cost-effective way to manage a wide range of insurance issues across their portfolio of sites, including fire safety inspections.

Our Solution

RioCan uses the Refined Data Insurance Module to manage the field inspections of fire prevention and safety equipment at each of their sites. . The software automatically generates tasks for the Property Managers to ensure that the appropriate checks are made on safety equipment on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. The software ensures continuity and compliance, while saving hundreds of hours per year in management and administration time!

Specific Features

The Insurance Module allows you to assign tasks to field operations personnel across your portfolio of sites. You can set the appropriate cadence to manage daily, weekly, monthly and annual activities. Refined Data fully integrates with Yardi, JDE and MRI as well as your internal IT security systems, so as people move around tasks get reassigned and nothing falls through the cracks. The tool also comes with a dashboard system that allows you to track which sites have completed their assigned tasks and which sites need a gentle nudge!

Business Benefits

The automated assignment and tracking of tasks at the site level saves hundreds of hours per year, while management dashboards ensure that you maintain compliance with both your legal and your insurance requirements.

Use Cases

The powerful task assignment and tracking capabilities in the Refined Data platform are used by customers to effortlessly manage a wide range of incident, inspection and maintenance driven workflow tasks.