Environmental Health and Safety Management Systems, or EHS software systems, are programs that organizations use to protect their employees and the public from environmental, health, and safety risks. Many businesses have turned to software to help manage these risks. The goal of EHS software is to protect employees and the public from any potential harm in the workplace. But what does an EHSMS entail, and how does EHS Management software work? In this blog post, we will answer those questions and more!

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What is EHS Information Management Software?

EHS Information Management Software Systems are tools organizations use to manage their environmental, health, and safety risks. The goal of EHS software is to protect employees and the public from any potential harm in the workplace. An EHS Management System will be a component of an organization’s Corporate Risk Management System. It will include all relevant policies, procedures, and business processes that address environmental hazards effectively while also managing the impact on the environment and minimizing/controlling occupational health and safety risks.

What Does an EHSMS Include?

An EHS Management System will include all relevant policies, procedures, and business processes that address environmental hazards effectively while also managing the impact on the environment and minimizing/controlling occupational health and safety risks. The system should also aim to integrate with other risk management systems within the organization (e.g., safety, quality, security, etc.) to provide a holistic view of risk across the enterprise.

What are the key features of an EHS system?

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Incident Management and Reporting
  • Audit Management

  • Document and Certificate Management
  • Reporting and Dashboarding

• Regulatory Compliance: An increased attention by investors on EHS and ESG performance has the potential to be more damaging than financial consequences resulting from non-compliance in terms of corporate reputation and brand. Adhering to basic EHS standards or directives while showing proof to the relevant regulatory authorities entails comprehending industry norms and regulations and collecting, analyzing, and reporting on the data to ensure that an organization is up-to-date.

• Incident Reporting: captures, evaluates, investigates, and reports on all incidents and near-misses, as well as injuries and illnesses. The audit-ready log of essential elements of the response results from corrective and preventative actions linked to each incident report.

• Audit Management: The audit scheduling and tracking solution enables businesses to perform all internal or external audits in one system, saving time and money. It also streamlines compliance management by allowing users to define their inspections and assessments. Keep an eye on safety and compliance with user-defined inspections and exercises. Comply with environmental, health, and safety regulations and corporate evaluations.

• Document Management: A document management solution is a key to keeping compliant with regulations. It also provides quick access to the latest versions of documents and ensures that everyone is working with the most up-to-date information.

• Reporting and Dashboarding. Show your tenants, employees, and stakeholders year-over-year improvements. Dashboards allow you to see the data by building or portfolio, identifying areas with the most significant energy consumption and ripe opportunities for savings.

How does EHS Software work?

EHS software systems work by focusing on and coordinating distributed teams across functional disciplines and levels of management. The software provides a platform for risk assessment, communication and collaboration, data management, and performance measurement.

EHS management software systems help organizations manage environmental, health, and safety risks by providing a centralized repository for all EHS-related data and documents. The software should also allow for easy collaboration between different departments and stakeholders and offer reporting and analytics capabilities to help identify trends and areas of improvement.

The database is where all your critical information goes. It’s like a safety net that catches you when things go wrong and can help save time by pulling from other systems, such as CEMs or financial data collection tools.

The system starts with collecting every piece of your data – tasks, documents, and inspection forms. It can even capture real-time data from mobile devices. So, your staff can easily snap photos of things that need attention and easily add them to the site’s to-do list. With this revolutionary software, you will get a real-time picture of your company’s progress and share it with only those who need access.

The software not only automates tasks but also helps to streamline your business operations by providing alerts and notifications, following up on assigned work items or projects that need attention, and triggering corrective actions when something goes wrong for you to avoid future problems from happening again- all—at the same time, generating reports so the team can stay informed about what’s going on!

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Using EHS Solutions in operations

Your EHS Software should start with Document Management, creating a single solution to store and manage your essential reports. These can be site inspections or audits, work orders, or certifications. You need to know where all your information is to get it in the hands of those who need it.

The software then moves on to Risk Assessment. This helps you identify potential risks and assess the likelihood of them happening so that you can take steps to prevent them from becoming a reality. You’ll also be able to measure your progress over time with this tool. This can be as simple as tracking when preventative maintenance needs to be done or having a property manager submit a work order.

When choosing an EHS management software system, selecting a solution tailored to your specific needs and requirements is crucial. Several different vendors offer EHS software, so be sure to do your research and choose a system that will work best for your organization.

The Refined Data Risk and Compliance Management solution is integrated with the platform, allowing you to manage enterprise risk and compliance across your entire portfolio while generating a unique, real-time picture of risk and safety in the portfolio.

Benefits of an all-in-one EHS Solution

Getting all your data in one place, in an organized fashion, may seem like a distant dream, but this is what EHS Software, like Refined Data, is designed to do. It takes knowledge spread across multiple departments and spreadsheets and organizes it into a solid, actionable plan. This lets you accomplish more and say on top of upcoming deadlines.

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By managing large organizations with a management-by-exception strategy, the software can reduce the risk and cost of employee turnover while focusing employees on critical objectives. Coordinating distributed workforces with actionable information through integrated workflow processes minimizes or eliminates silos between departments in your company.

This promotes a more fluid exchange of information and prevents overlapping of duties. All while providing efficient data-driven flows feeding rapid cycles for continuous improvement. With Refined Data’s EHS information management software, you can create an environment where everyone is working towards one goal: making sure each person has what they need to do their job better than ever before!

EHS Software is an essential tool that all businesses should consider using to protect their employees, the public, and the environment from potential risks. These systems are designed to grow and scale as your company does, making them a crucial part of any organization. Using EHS software can improve communication and coordination among teams, reduce the risk of costly accidents, and streamline your business operations. With all these benefits, it’s hard to imagine not using an EHS Management System!

Refined Data’s Solution

Refined Data provides a cost-effective way to manage every aspect of your environmental affairs and ensure you operate diligently and defensible.

We provide an integrated risk platform that automates inspections, compliance, data and document management, and partner performance for you. Our mobile app delivers a productivity boost to site teams while also ensuring that new employees get up and running with a consistent approach.

With a document and certificate management system to assist you in converting your cascades of paper into manageable dashboards that show which activities need attention and which certificates are due to expire. Our system easily integrates with SharePoint to help you collect data from the files you are already storing.

Refined Data’s Incident Manager combines site operations, insurance, issue tracking, and resolution into a single, easy-to-use system. Our integrated solution saves you money by automating the incident management process from discovery to resolution. There is an emergency button for significant disasters to contact your crucial personnel if there is a fire or flood, ensuring that even new site workers are protected.

You can access our dashboards from any place using your mobile device or desktop computer. Our dashboards alleviate stress and get you into a proactive stance by immediately informing you which sites are missing reports and certificates and alerting you before they run out. In addition, the system automates the gathering of documents for submission, saving hours of effort.

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