EHS Incidents

Collaborative EHS Incident Management with Enterprise Information Security and Privacy.

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Improve Safety and Reduce Costs

Build continuous improvement into your culture of safety while keeping operating costs, legal costs, workers compensation, and insurance premiums to a minimum.  Sensitive information is restricted and encrypted, ensuring that security and privacy are never compromised.

Promote a Safety Culture

Capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents and near-misses, including:

Injuries and Illnesses


Property Damage

Consistent Emergency Response

Property teams initiate emergency or incident workflows with the click of a button on their mobile phone, or through a secure incident portal.  Configure automated notifications and response checklists by event type to produce consistent a response and complete record of events.

Collaborative Management

Produce more consistent responses with less management oversight.

A number of employees and contractors have a part to play when incidents are reported.  The distributed teams share information and collaborative workflows, eliminating administration and multiple spreadsheets while improving the consistency and efficiency of incident information management.

Insurance Claims

Initiate and track claims from the incident. A complete claims management platform ensures that the insurance risk management team has access to detailed records of the incident and rigorous controls to manage resulting claims and associated costs.

Enterprise Information Security

Multiple access controls are in place to ensure that selected employees and contractors are granted access to very specific and restricted views of incident and claims information.

Information Privacy

Data encryption techniques are applied to personally identifiable information, ensuring that access is restricted to a select group of employees.

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Business Continuity

A structured approach to incident response with automated notifications and guided checklists will ensure that even new employees understand what is expected and how to respond to every type of emergency.

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Corrective and Preventative Action

Corrective and preventative tasks attached to the incident report provide a record of actions taken to correct property damage or root cause and to mitigate the risk of similar incidents.  The result is an audit-ready log of important elements of the response.

Continuous Improvement

Preventative actions can be added to inspection or assessment schedules and monitored across the portfolio to verify that lessons learned are adopted by the operations team.

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