Building Operations & Risk Management Platform

Increase NOI by enhancing operational performance; foster tenant loyalty through service excellence and protect your reputation with best-in-class risk management and compliance tools.

Immediate ROI with no terms

We always start by listening to your goals and objectives so we meet your expectations every time. While every company professes a customer focus, we back it up with no up-front costs and no term requirements. We are that confident you and your team will be excited about the value you can create out of the gate. That is our promise.

Hugh Molyneux, President of Refined Data

Grow NOI, foster tenant loyalty and mitigate risk using the most functional, agile and easy-to-use operations and compliance solution available for Real Estate.

Agile, Responsive & Easy

Ensure adoption from the boiler room to the board room with a solution that is intuitive and easy to use.

See Your Options

Make the best decisions quickly with dashboards that give you visibility across the portfolio.

Collaborate and follow best practices

Gain quick efficiencies by linking internal teams with vendors and consultants, who can use the mobile app for free.

Seamless integration with existing systems

Your IT group will appreciate the ease with which Refined Data connects with your existing system, using an open API architecture. No more data islands.

A system that grows with you

The flexible and agile architecture means Refind Data grows with you, whether for a single building or a portfolio of thousands of sites.