Better sustainability data for a greener portfolio

We’ll organize and analyze your data for simplified reporting, energy cost savings, carbon reductions, and an improved footprint.

From Disclosures to Investor Transparency, We’ve Got You Covered

The move towards greener solutions and reduced emissions is underway. For owners of real estate portfolios, that’s a reality that you can’t afford to ignore. Investors, regulatory bodies, tenants, and the public now want to know what you’re doing to proactively make your properties more sustainable. To do that, you need a clear view of your carbon footprint. Our sustainability tool will crunch the data, evaluating where you stand today, allowing you to plan for the future, and showing that you’re moving in the right direction.

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Improve the accuracy of your sustainability data

We refine your existing data for areas like energy usage, water consumption, and waste. By validating the information and looking for gaps and redundancies, you get a true picture of your portfolio’s impact and can easily identify energy saving opportunities.

Streamline ESG & GRI reporting

Presenting data for ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance), GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), GRESB, and other reporting bodies is notoriously difficult. We aggregate and verify the data of individual properties and your entire portfolio, then prepare it for simplified regulatory reporting.

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Clarity For Planning

Investors, tenants, and the public want to see more than your current sustainability information—they want to know what steps you’re taking to improve. By knowing exactly where you stand today, you can start to plan for the future and create actionable steps towards a greener portfolio.

Attract Investors with Improved Disclosures

Investors increasingly want to know what your environmental impact looks like and how you’re working to minimize negative effects. Our sustainability tool provides accurate disclosures and shows them that you’re taking your footprint seriously.

Ready to Take Control of Your Sustainability Data?