The Challenge

Capreit were looking to automate the submission of energy data to GRESB. This included both billing data from utility bills and the qualitative information required for GRESB.

Our Solution

Capreit used the Refined Data solution to import energy data extracted from utility bills by an energy management group . The software automatically checks the bills for errors and then normalizes the data for weather and occupancy to provide consistent reports. Capreit used the Refined Data survey builder to collect the qualitative data and a file was created for export to the GRESB system,

Specific Features

The Sustainability Module saves hundreds of hours of tedious work by aggregating all the energy data into a single platform. The automated error tracking identifies data errors, so you can be fully confident in the information you submit. The dashboards allow you to identify low hanging fruit; the sites where you can save the most money with the least investment. The system also allows site staff the ability to see their site energy use through a subscription service that emails monthly reports.

Business Benefits

Buildings can save 15% to 30% on their energy bills using the system. The system provides the visibility to prove out retrofit programs and identify other opportunities for savings.

Use Cases

Any business that operates multiple facilities can use the Sustainability Module to reduce energy usage and costs across their portfolio. The GRESB module saves hundreds of hours of effort for companies that participate in that program.