The Challenge

CAPREIT was looking for a cost-effective way to reduce the operational costs across their portfolio of sites by implementing the Refined Data solution to streamline workflows and boost employee productivity.

Our Solution

Refined Data worked closely with the operations teams to understand the existing workflows. We identified duplication and inefficiencies in key areas, such as generation, oversight and closure of work activities. These processes bridged both employees and external suppliers. Our mobile solution allows field staff to generate tasks, assign them internally or to suppliers and track the tasks to completion. Office staff monitor activities across the portfolio and assign resources in situations where sites are falling behind. The sites can also create checklists for any activity and generate tasks from the checklists

Specific Features

Refined Data is an enterprise solution. We can connect with your existing systems to streamline operational activities with existing processes. We also support single sign on for a seamless experience for your userbase. Refined Data is lean and easy to use and we have productivity tools to reduce workload and drive efficiency. The solution provides reports and dashboards that are relevant to the sites, office staff and senior executive team.

Business Benefits

Refined Data delivers the right information to the right person at the right time. We can save you up to 30% in operational costs by streamlining workflows and providing your staff with the tools to optimize their productivity.

Use Cases

Refined Data applies to any company that operates multiple sites and is looking to reduce their operational costs. The software also provides the senior management team with the information they need to make the best possible strategic decisions.